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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-56)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-56)

1. The leaders who were expelled from the Politial Affairs Committee of Aam
Aadmi Party?
 Answer:  Yogendra Yadav and Prasanth Bhooshan

2. The number of Judges in Kerala High Court after appointing 7 more Judges in march 2015?
Answer:  38

3. The longest served finance minister of Kerala?
Answer:  KM Mani

4. Who served as the Law Minister of Kerala for the longest period?
 Answer:  KM Mani

5. Who became minister in Kerala in most number of ministries?
Answer:  KM Mani (12)

6. Who sworn in as minister for the maximum number of times in Kerala?
Answer:  KM Mani

7. Who was elected to Kerala Assembly for the maximum number of times?
Answer:  KM Mani March 2014 as the longest served member of Kerala As-

8. Whose record was broken by KM Mani on 12th  Assembly?
Answer:  KR Gowri

9. After KM Mani who holds the record of most number of victory in Assembly elections in Kerala?
Answer:  Oommen Chandy

10. The four year old child who is the first to receive artificial pancreas?
 Answer:  Xavier Heims

11. The founder of Árt of Living who got Gyanappana Puraskaram in memory of Poonthanam Namboothiri?
Answer:  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

12. What percentage of votes was polled by NOTA in 2014 General Election? Answer:  1.1% (0ver 6 million votes)

13. The non-Governmental organisation which filed public interest litigation in support of NOTA?
Answer:  People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)

14. The space telescope of NASA that discovered eight planets similar to earth: Answer:  Kepler

15. Who was awarded 2014 Vyas Samman?
Answer:  Kamal Kishor Goenka

16. Who was appointed the temporary Chairman of ISRO when K.Radhakrishnan resigened?
 Answer:  Sailesh Nayak

17. Who along with Atal Behari Vajpayee conferred Bharat Ratna?
 Answer:  Madan Mohan Malaviya

18. The Bihar cadre IAS officer who was appointed Director of CBI?
Answer:  Anil Sinha

19. The new chairman of the Central Academy for Music and Drama?
Answer:  Sekhar Sen

20. Who was appointed the new president of Indian Newspaper Society?
Answer:  Kiran B.Vadodari

21. The leader of Gorkhaland agitation who passed away in 2015 January? 
Answer:  Subhas Geesing

22. The former C &AG of India who was appointed as the advisor of Railway  Ministry?
 Answer:  Vinod Rai

23. The former Indian cartoonist who passed away on the Republic Day of 2015?
 Answer:  RK Laxman

24. Who was appointed Chief Executive of NITI Ayog?
Answer:  Sindhusree Khullar

25. How many seats were won by Indian National Congress in the 2015 Delhi Assembly polls?
Answer:  No seat
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