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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-55)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-55)

1. The country that celebrated 800 years of signing of Magna Carta on 15 June 2015?
Answer:  United Kingdom

2. Who was unanimously elected as President of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 2015?
Answer:  Mogens Lykketoft

3. The nationality of Mogens Lykketoft ?
Answer:  Denmark

4. As per recently released report by British Petroleum (BP) Energy Company, which country became the world’s largest oil producer in 2014 surpassing Saudi Arabia?
Answer:  United States (US)

5. The former West Indies paceman  who has been inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2015?
Answer:  Sir Wesley Winfield Hall

6. The creator of Chandigarh’s iconic Rock Garden who  passed away on 11 June 2015?
Answer:  Nek Chand Saini

7. The full form of MERS?
Answer:  Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

8. Who got SL Puram Sadanandan Puraskaram 2015?
Answer:  Artist Sujathan

9. The first cow minister of Rajastan?
Answer:  Otaram Devasi

10. UNMEER stands for:
Answer:  United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response

11. The office of which satirical magazine was attacked by masked gunmen and murdered 12 people?
Answer:  Charlie Hebdo

12. Who heads the Delhi Dialogue Commission constituted by AAP Government in Delhi?
Answer:  Aravind Kejriwal

13.The constituency of AIADMK legislator P.Vetrivel who resigned from Tamil Nadu Assembly in 2015 May to pave way to contest for Jayalalithaa?   
Answer: Radhakrishna Nagar

14. From which constituency was Jayalalithaa was
elected in 2011?  
Answer:  Srirangam
15. Which country has the second largest GDP in the world?
Answer: China (Third-Japan)

16. Which company is the largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world?
Answer:  Toyota (Japan)

17. The American company which is the second largest manufactuer of vehicles in the world?
Answer: General Motors

18. The third largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world?
Answer: Volkeswagen Group (Germany)

19. After General motors which American company leads in manufacturing of motor vehicles ?
 Answer: Ford

20. World’s first fully warm blooded fish species discovered by researchers? Answer:  Opah

21. The next web browser of Microsoft?
Answer:  Edge

22. The name of the Mongolian race horse presented to Narendra Modi during his visit?
Answer:  Kanthaka (That was the name of Buddha’s Horse)

23. The Indian Islamic preacher who got the 2015 King Faizal Prize for Service to Islam?
Answer:  Zakir Malik

24. The global head of Ranbaxy Laboratories who resigned in 2015 March? Answer:  Uddhav Ganjoo

25. Neera is a product from which tree?
Answer:   Coconut tree
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