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Current Affairs -2016 December (01 to 09) (Chapter-09)

Current Affairs -2016
December (01 to 09)

121.Which country’s Prime Minister resigned on December 5, 2016, after being defeated in a referendum on constitutional reform over his plan to reform the constitution?

122.Who has been named as the Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2016? [A]Donald Trump
Donald Trump

123.Who was named as the Asian of the Year 2016 by The Straits Times?
Sachin Bansal

124.Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who passed away in Chennai on December 5, 2016 at 68 had been appointed as the CM of Tamil Nadu how many times?

125.According to the World Power Language Index (PLI) released by World Economic Forum (WEF), what will be the rank of Hindi in the Most Powerful Language list in 2050?

126.Who has been appointed as the interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)?
J Ravichandran

127. Union Government on 30th December 2016 gave approval for the inclusion of how many new castes in the Central OBC list?

128.Who is the receiver of the International Children’s Peace Prize 2016?
Kehkashan Basu

129.which country’s scientist developed new cheap way to produce nuclear fuel using electricity?

130.Who has been named as the interim chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on December 3, 2016 ?
Rakesh Asthana

131.According to which bank Rs 2.5 lakh crore may not come back into the banking system due to demonetisation?

132.The Winter Fog Experiment (WIFEX) 2016-17 campaign has been launched by which union ministry?
Ministry of Earth Sciences

133. Who was sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in December 2016?
O Panneerselvam

134. ISRO on 7th December launched its own earth observational satellite. What is it called?

135.who appointed as 44th Chief Justice of India?
Jagdish Singh Khehar
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