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Current Affairs -2016 December (01 to 09) (Chapter-01)

Current Affairs -2016
December (01 to 09)

1. Which portal has been launched by Ministry of Women and Child Development to register online complaints of child sexual abuse?

2. Who won the 2016 World Chess Championship?
Magnus Carlsen

3. What was the theme of the 2016 World AIDS Day?
Hands up for HIVprevention

4. Central Statistical Office has announced that India’s GDP has accelerated in Q2 (2016-2017) to what percent?

5.The ‘’Poets Translating Poets’’ festival held in which city of India?

6.Which country has become the first in the world to officially authorize the use of “three-parent baby” fertility treatments on December 1, 2016 to enable women with mitochondrial disease to have a healthy child?

7.Who flagged off the trail run of the lucknow metro rail service from Transport Nagar Metro depot to8.5 km stretch Charbaghstation on December 1, 2016.
Akhilesh Yadav

8.Which country team has won the 2016 Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup cricket tournament?

9.Who was recently awarded with the 2016 IAAF female Athlete of the Year award?
Almaz Ayana

10.Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography has won the Crossword Book of the Year Award. What is it called?
Playing It My Way

11.which aircraft company launched world’s shortest service on largest plane Airbus A380?

12.The 10-days Tripitak Sutrapath Mahotasava  is celebrated in which state to offer special prayer to lord Buddha?

13.What is the name of 12 day annual bilateral maritime exercise between the Indian Navy and the Royal Navy of UK, that will be conducted in two phase at Mumbai and Goa between December 5 to December 16?
Konkan 16

14.What was the theme of 2016 International Volunteer Day (IVD)?
Global Applause – give volunteers a hand

15. Digital payment platform FreeCharge has partnered with which organisation to sell women entrepreneur’s products?
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
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