Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Current Affairs -2016 November (Chapter-11)

Current Affairs -2016 November

153.Name the Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson is an ex-NASA scientist has passed away at an age of 87 ?
Kanu Ramdas Gandhi

154.In which country World's first hydrogen-powered and zero-emission passenger train was recently unveiled? 

155.The book “The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” has been authored by whom?
Ray Kurzweil

156. Scientists detected the presence of water on which largest metallic asteroid?

157.Which country on November 10 launched a Pulsar Navigation Satellite?

158.Which celebrity is the World’s Highest-Paid Woman in Music for 2016 report released by Forbes?
Taylor Swift

159.Which state government has launched “Lakshya Bhagirathi” campaign to complete the irrigation projects?

160.Which day is observed as International Day of Radiology?
8 November

161.Who is author of the book, ‘Back To The Roots, A definitive Guide To Grassroots and Football Development’?
Shaji Prabhakaran

162.Which film has became the first Malayalam adventure film to enter into the Rs 100 crore club?

163.The Kathakar-International Storytellers Festival 2016 has started in which city?
New Delhi

164.The India-China Joint Training Exercise “Hand in Hand 2016” is scheduled to be held from Nov 15-27 in

165.Which bank has launched ‘Unified Payments Interface’ (UPI) solution on 8th November 2016 for its corporate and financial institutional and commercial banking customers?
Standard Chartered Bank

166.which Union minister launched a mobile app ‘’No More Tension’’?
JP Nadda

167.Who has been bestowed with the 2016 honorary Academy Award (or Oscar)
Jackie Chan

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