Friday, September 9, 2016

Current Affairs -2016 September (Chapter-05)

Current Affairs -2016 September

61.3.7 Billion Years Old fossils discovered on Earth in
Greenland Rocks

62.which island declared largest river island in world by Guinness World Records?

63.The BRICS Convention on Tourism has started in which World heritage site of India?

64.Name the film star who will be given an honorary Academy Award for his extraordinary achievements in film.
Jackie Chan

65.Which rocket of SpaceX was destroyed recently in an explosion during a propellant fill operation?
Falcon 9

66.Name the young volcano found by the NASA Scientist in isolated mountain, analysis of images to be expected less than 1 billion years old?

67.Hrushikesh Mallick will be honoured with the 37th edition of prestigious Sarala Award for his poetry work “Jeje Dekhi”. He is a noted poet of

68.Who was recently appointed as the Chief Finance Officer of FIFA?
Thomas Peyer

69.Which place is recently added in conservation reserve for the uniqueness over 140 birds varieties?
Ankasamudra, Karnataka

70.Who won the 2016 Italian Grand Prix?
Nico Rosberg

71.Name the state that decided to develop 340 villages as Horticulture Villages during the Golden Jubilee year of the State.

72.The UN Charter, the seminal treaty of the UN, has now been translated into

73.“Nuakhai” the agrarian mass festival has celebrated in which state of India?

74.Which report was released by UNICEF recently stating the growing crisis for migrant children?
Uprooted: The growing crisis for refugee and migrant children

75.Sony Pictures to acquire sports channels of which channel for 385 million US dollar

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