Sunday, August 7, 2016

Current Affairs -2016 August (Chapter-02)

Current Affairs -2016 August

16.Who won the ‘Choice Male Artist’ singer title 2016?
Justin Bieber

17.The opening ceremony of 2016 Rio Olympics was held at which stadium?
Maracana Stadium

18.Which country blasted off a ballistic Missile for the first time that landed in Japanese-controlled waters posing a grave threat to the Japan?
North Korea

19.Which Government has lifted the Ban on the toddy (Palm wine) consumption and selling in the state?

20.Who has been appointed as the new Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
Bhaskar Khulbe

21.Name the state that launched a unique Water Resources Information System to assess accurate reserves of water in thousands of Tanks and reservoirs across the state.

22.Which Company has joined with India’s largest lender State Bank of India to corporate citizenship collaboration?

23.What is the name of China’s first satellite for mobile telecommunication that was launched recently?

24.The Andhra Pradesh government has recently signed pact with which country to develop food value chain in the state?

25.Which state has been selected for the prestigious All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Award for the year 2015?.
West Bengal

26. The tallest moving observation tower in the world, the ‘British Airways i360’ opened in

27.The 2016 SAARC Home Ministers’ conference will be held in which of the following cities?

28. Name the metal compound that was used by researchers in converting carbon dioxide into Carbon Monoxide.
Tungsten diselenide (WSe2)

29.Which state Chief Minister has offered to resign from the post of Chief Minister due to completion of 75 years?

30.Which state government has launched citizen governance mobile App “HIM TCP”?

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