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Current Affairs -2016 January (Chapter-02)

Current Affairs -2016 January  (Chapter-02) 
16. Who among the following persons has been elected as President of Indian Science Congress for 2017-18?
(A) Achyuta Samanta      
(B) Hari Krishan Sharma         
(C) Gopal Das Neeraj     
 (D) T Subramaniam       
Answer: (A)

17. Yadgar-e-Taqseem, or the Memories of Partition museum will be opened in which of the following cities?
 (A) Jalandhar                   
(B) Amritsar
(C) Gurdaspur                  
 (D) Murshidabad
Answer: (B)

18. Who among the following persons has dedicated the 600-MW Kakatiya thermal power plant Stage-II at Bhoopalapally in Warangal?
(A) Hameed Anzari                        
(B) Pranab Mukherjee           
(C) K Chandrashekhar Rao          
(D) Piyush Goyal         
Answer: (C)

19.  In which Indian state, the Nati folk dance is celebrated?
(A) Andhra Pradesh                      
(B) Assam
(C) Himachal Pradesh                   
 (D) Kerala
Answer: (C)

20. Who among the following persons has made a world record by scoring unbeaten 1009 runs at H.T. Bhandari Cup inter-school tournament?
(A) Pranav Dhanawade                    
(B) Udaymishra        
(C) K C Gandhi                                   
 (D) Arya Madhukar
Answer: (A)

21. Which of the following states is the host for the National Youth Festival 2016?
(A) Kerala                                                
(B) Bihar
(C) Chhattisgarh                                      
(D) Rajasthan
Answer: (C)

22.  Who has won the 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or award?
(A) Christiano Ronaldo                         
(B) Andy Murray
 (C) Neymar                                             
 (D) Lionel Messi
Answer: (D)

23. The Nagjee International Club Football Tournament will be held in which state?
 (A) Tamilnadu                                         
 (B) Karnataka
 (C) Kerala                                                  
 (D) Maharastra
Answer: (C)

24. Which of the following Indian states will get the first ever solar, stellar observatory?
(A) Assam                                                             
 (B) Himachal Pradesh                            
(C) Gujarat                                                             
(D) Karnataka        
Answer: (C)

25. Who is heading the high-level panel set up by the union government to sort out the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train issues with Japan?
 (A) E.M. Sreedharan                                             
(B) Shankar Bajpai
(C) Arvind Panagariya                                          
(D) Sam Pitroda
Answer: (C)

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