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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-8)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-8)

126. The state where Manoharlal Khattar assumed power as chief minister on 26th  October 2014-

127. The party of Pawan Chamling who became the chief minister of Sikkim for the 5th term?
Sikkim Democratic Front

128. The Asian city where the first municipal elections were held in 60 years in 2014 December-
Yangon (Myanmar)

129. The former chairman of ISRO and also known as the father of the Indian Monsoon mode, passed away in 2015 January-
V. R. Gowarikar

130. Name the fundamentalist group that engaged in insurgent activities in the African nation of Somalia-
 Al Shahab

131. The indigenously built light combat aircraft inducted to Indian Airforce recently-

132. Who along with Leela Samson resigned from Censor Board in connection with granting permission to the film ‘’Messenger of God”?
Ira Bhaskar and Shaji N Karun

133. Who was defeated by Serena Williams in the final of 2015 Australian Open? –
 Maria Sharapoa

134. The nationality of Maria Sharapoa-

135. Who won Mixed Doubles Title in the 2015 Australian Open?
 Leander Paes (India) and Martina Hingis (Switzerland)

136. Who was defeated by Novac Djokovic in the finals of 2015 Australian Open Men’Singles?
 Ande Murray (Britain)

137. The hosts of 2015 ICC World Cup-
Australia and New Zealand

138. The venue of 2015 ICC World Cup final-
Melbourne Cricket Stadium

139. The total number of countries participated in the 2015 ICC World Cup-
14 (10 countries with test status and 4 associated members)

140. Who secured the decisive goal in the extra time of 2014 FIFA World Cup that enabled German team to lift the trophy?
Mario Godse

141. Name the country that hosted 2014 FIFA World Cup-

142. Before Amith Shah, who was the president of Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP)?
Rajnath Singh

143. Who led the Guard of Honour in the 64th Republic Day celebrations?
  Pooja Thakkur

144. Which airport is number one in terms of number of passengers-
Dubai (7.05 crore)

145. Who was conferred Ashok Chakra posthumously in connection with 2015 Republic Day-
Neeraj Kumar

146. Who created the cartoon character ‘Common Man’?
R K Laxman

147. Who became the top scorer ever in the FIFA World Cup-
Miroslav Klose

148. Nationality of Miroslav Klose-

149. How many goals were scored by Miroslav Klose-

150. Whose record was broken by Miroslav Klose?
Ronaldo (15)

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