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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-7)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-7)

101. The first Indian President to visit official residence of Santa Claus-
 Pranab Mukherjee

102. In which country John Key re-elected as Prime Minister in 2014?
New Zealand

103. The founder of CMP (Communist Marxist Party) who passed away in 2014 November?

104. The record of fastest scoring of 6000 runs in one day cricket is owned by- Virat Kohli

105. Who occupies number one position in the list of most powerful persons of the world published by Forbes Magazine in 2014 November-
Vladimir Putin (Second Barak Obama)

106. The new system launched by Union Government to renew pension scheme by submitting biometric data through computer or smart phone- 
Jeevan Praman

107. The project of the prime minister to ensure bank account to all families-
Jan Dhan Yojana

108. With which west Asian country Indian Home Minister signed an agreement for free trade and activities against terrorism-

109. The former chairman of Prasar Bharati who passed away in 2014-
 M. V. Kamath

110. First state in India to make cancer treatment free of expense-

111. Which state government resolved to consider ‘Hijadas’ as third gender- 

112. The first e-cabinet was conducted in the state of-
Andhra Pradesh

113. Who secured the world basketball title in 2014 by defeating  Serbia-

114. Which country introduced the thinnest smartphone (4.85 mm) in the world-
Brazil (Vivo)

115. The number of countries participated in 2014 Winter Olympics-

116. Total number of medals secured by Russia in 2014 Winter Olympics which tops in medal rally-
33 (13 gold, 11 silver and 9 bronze)

117. The proposed venue of 2018 Winter Olympics-
South Korea

118. Nationality of Sebastian Vettel who got the Laureus Sports Award for Men in 2014?

119. The U.S. Swimmer who got Laureus Sports Award for Women in 2014- Missi Franklin

120. To which sports Sebastian Vettel is related-
Car racing

121. Who was selected as the president of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in 2014?-
 N. Ramachandran

122. Who was selected as general secretary of Indian Olympic Association in 2014?
 Rajiv Mehta

123. In which Indian state Nabam Tukki was reelected
Chief Minister-
 Arunachal Pradesh

124. Who became prime chief minister of Tamil Nadu when Jayalalithaa went out of power due to court verdict-
O. Paneer Selvan

125. Who became the chief minister of Goa when Manohar Pareekar resigned to become the union defence minister-     
Lakshmi Kant Parsekkar
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