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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-42)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-42)

376. In which state is Indore?
Madhya Pradesh

377. Which constituency is represented by Maneka Gandhi in the 16th Lok Sabha?

378. Which constituency is represented by Oommen Chandy in the 12th
 Kerala Legislative Assembly?

379. In which district is Puthuppally?

380. Indian-American novelist Akhil Sharma’s novel that has won the prestigious Folio Prize 2015?
Family Life

381. Which constituency is represented by V.S.Achuthanandan in the 12th
 Kerala Legislative Assembly-

382. Which country has recently produced world’’first 3D printed Jet Engine?

383. Name the city that hosted the 2014 UN Climate Summit-
New York

384. Which country purchased 3400 electronic voting machines from India for its presidential election?

385. The winner of the first National Kavi Pradeep Samman?
Gopaldas Neeraj

386. 99th Constitutional Amendment Act, 2014 is related to?
National Judicial Appointment Commission

387. Number of members in National Judicial Appointment Commission?

388. Seat of National Judicial Appointment Commission?
New Delhi

389. The veteran actor and film producer who has been named for the prestigious Dada SahebPhalke Award 2014?
Shashi Kapoor

390. Which country ranked first in the 2014 Commonwealth Games?
 England (174)

391. Which country ranked second in the medal tally of the 2014 Commonwealth Games?
Australia (137)

392. Which country won the most number of medals in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games?
Russia (13)

393. National Safe Motherhood day?
April 11

394. The largest mobile phone operator in India?

395. The first Prime Minister (PM) of Singapore who passed away in March 2015?
Lee Kuan Yew

396. Which day was observed as Malala Day by
United Nations?
July 12 (Birth day)

397. Which film got Golden Palm Award in 2014 Cannes Film Festival?
 Winter Sleep

398. Omar al-Bashir is the president of which country?

399. Which film got NETPAC Award for best Asian film in the 2014 IFFK? 
Summer, Kyoto

400. Which has become the first city in India to have free wi-fi hot spots? 
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