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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-38)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-38)

276. The brand ambassador of Telengana?
Sania Mirza

277. After Prem Nazir who performed the highest number of lead roles in Malayalam films?

278. The first chief minister of the newly formed state of Telengana? Chandrasekhara Rao

279. The first European country to lift world cup football on the soil of Latin America?

280. The first governer of Telengana?
ESL Narasimhan

281. The first Indian ambassador to ASEAN?
Suresh K. Reddy

282. The first international summit attended by Narendra Modi as prime minister?
BRICS Summit

283. The first state to insist compulsory voting in Local Self Government elections?

284. The first state to provide bank account to 100% families?

285. The full form of FIPRESCI?
Federation Internationale de la Presse Cinematographique

286. The full form of NETPAC?
 Network for the promotion of Asian Cinema

287. The Government of Assam has withdrawn the order imposing Assamese as official language from which part of the state?
Barak Valley

288. The Government of Kerala launched Ayurdalam project to create awareness about which disease?

289. The Gyanpeeth Award winner and former Vice Chancellor of Mahathma Gandhi University who passed away in 2014 August?

290. The ICC Twenty- 20 World Cup champions in 2014?
Sri Lanka

291. The Indian states where Assembly elections held in 2014 November?
 Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand

292. Who was the captain of the Kerala Strikers team in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) held in 2012 & 2013?

293. The Indian who got Goldman Environment Award which is called ‘Green Nobel Prize’?
Ramesh Aggarwal

294. The International Year of Light and light based technologies?

295. The last formed North Indian State?
Jharkhand (28th )

296. The last formed state of India?
Telengana (29th )

297. The last member of African Union?
South Sudan

298. The last member of SAARC?

299. The Latin American nation that released two postage stamps to pay tribute to the 100 years of Indian Cinema?

300. The leader of Muslim brotherhood who was ousted from power? 
Muhammad Mursi
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