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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-37)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-37)

251. The states that are suffered the attack of Hud Hud cyclone?
 Andhra Pradesh and Odisha

252. The Arjuna Award winner Geethu Anna Georgeis related to which sports? Basketball

253. The base currency of BRICS New Development Bank?
 US Dollar

254. The Chairman of Rajyasabha?
 Muhammad Hamid Anzari

255. The first vice chancellor of Nalanda University?
Dr.Gopa Sabharwal

256. The first chancellor of Nalanda University?
Dr.Amartya Sen

257. The captain of Germany in the 2014 World Cup Football?
 Philip Lahm

258. The CEO of Google who is selected as the “Business Person of the Year 2014” by Fortune Magazine?
 Larry Page

259. The president of Brazil?
 Dilma Rousef

260. The Chairman of the 13th Finance Commission (2010-15)?
 Vijay Kelkar

261. The Chairman of the 14th Finance Commission (2015-20)?

262. The community policing project launched by Kerala Police?

263. The second woman to be India’s Minister of External Affairs?
Sushma Swaraj

264. From which constituency Sushma Swaraj was elected?
Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh)

265. The controversial Kanhar Dam Project is in which state?
 Uttar Pradesh

266. The first American president to witness the Republic Day celebrations of India?
Barak Obama

267. The director of the famous movie’Gandhi’who passed away in 2014? Richard Attenborough

 268. The eldest member of 16th  Lok Sabha?
L.K.Advani (86)

269. Who was defeated by Rahul Gandhi in Ameti constituency in 2014 election by 107,923 votes but later became Minister for Human Resources Development?
 Smriti Irani

270. The first Any Time Milk Machine in India was established at?
 Anand (Gujarat)

271. The famous car racer who met with a ski accident in December 2013?
Michael Schumacher

272. The first Indian to get gold medal in the finals of world Athletic Meet?
Anju Bobby George (2005)

273. The first and only actor inducted to the Territorial army in the rank of Lieutenant General?
 Mohanlal (2008)

274. Which company took over Nokia company in 2014?

275. Which company launched the car ‘Ciaz’ in 2014?
Maruti Suzuki
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