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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-31)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-31)

101. The last formed African Nation?
 South Sudan

102. Who authored the book “Infinite Jest”?
David Foster Vallace

103. Who wrote “The White Tiger”?
 Aravind Adiga

104. Who got the Golden Ball Award in 2014 World Cup Football?
 Leonel Messi

105. Who is the brand ambassador of Clean Campus Safe Campus Project to make educational institutions drug free?

106. To which sports Magnus Carlson is related?

107. The international awards instituted by Samuel Yin of Taiwan?
Tang Prize

108. The United Nations Public Services Day?
June 23

109. International Day of Happiness?
 March 9

110. Who received Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2014?
Shigeru Ben

111. Nationality of Shigeru Ben?

112. The collection of poem that made Sugathakumari eligible for Saraswati

113. The director of the first neo-realistic movie in Malayalam who passed away in 2015?

114. Who was appointed as Chief Information Commissioner in place of Sushama Singh?
Rajiv Mathur

115. From which University Narendra Modi obtained degree in political science through distance education?
 Delhi University

116. The leaders of which organisation was invited by Narendra Modi to attend his swearing in ceremony?

117. Prime minister of which SAARC country could not attend the swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi as he/she had scheduled a state visit to Japan? Bangladesh

118. To which country Narendra Modi made his first foreign visit?

119. Narendra Modi during his address in UN General Assembly in September 2014 asked the world leaders to adopt June 21 as which day?
International Yoga Day

120. The Chairman of Kerala Public Service Commission?
Dr.KS Radhakrishnan

121. The number of members in Kerala Public Service Commission including chairman?

122. Who is in charge of the portfolio of Science and Technology in Kerala Cabinet?
Oommen Chandy

123. Who is the nominated member of Kerala Legislative Assembly?
 Ludi Louis

124. Which constituency is represented by Shashi Tarur in Lok Sabha? Thiruvananthapuram

125. The telephone number of Sutharyakeralam?
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