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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-30)

Current Affairs -2015 (Chapter-30)

76. Who got state award for best director through the movie ‘Artist’?

77. The screen play of which movie made Sanjay-Boby eligible for state award?
Mumbai Police

78. Who headed the state film award committee 2014?
 Bharati Raja

79. The youngest Nobel Laureate?
Malala Yousafzai

80. When Kerala was declared as total pension state?
19 February 2014

81. The number of seats secured by UDF in 2014th Lok Sabha polls in Kerala?
12 (LDF-8)

82. The number of teams contested in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

83. The Colombian footballer who got the golden boot award for top scorer in world cup football?
 James Rodríguez  (5 goals)

84. Nationality of Aryan Roben who got bronze ball in 2014 FIFA World Cup? Holland (Netherlands)

85. Nationality of Manuel Neuyerk who got the golden glove award for best goal keeper?

86. Which team got FIFA Fair Play award 2014?

87. Who inaugurated ‘Swachh Bharat Project’ on 2nd October 2014?
Narendra Modi

88. Name the venue of inauguration of Swachh Bharat Project?
Raj Ghat (New Delhi)

89. The judicial entity which punished Jayalalithaa the CM of Tamil Nadu for corruption charges?
 Karnataka High Court

90. The approximate number of voters who exercised their franchise in the 16th Lok Sabha polls?
55 crore

91. Who was elected with the highest victory margin to 16th Lok Sabha which is also highest in the history of election in India?
Preetham Munde (Byelection)

92. The victory margin of Preetham Munde?

93. Which constituency is represented by Preetham Munde?
 Beed (Maharashtra)

94. Who scored fastest half century in one day cricket?
De Villiers (16 balls)

95. The Indo-American industrialist who got Martin Luther King Prize in 2015?
Frank Islam

96. The venue of 102nd session of Indian Science Congress?

97. The venue of 2014 World Diamond Conference?

98. Name the anthology of poems that made Rafeeq Ahmed eligible for 2014 Odakuzhal Award?
Rafeeq Ahmedinte Kavithakal

 99. The venue of 23rd ASEAN Summit (2013)?

100. Which country sent Vinera mission to probe about Venus?
 Soviet Union
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