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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-23)

Current Affairs 2015 (Chapter-23)

501. When did Kerala host National Games for the first time?

502.How many districts in Kerala the venues of National Games 2015 arranged?

503.Which company owns the mobile messaging service ‘’What’s app’? Facebook
504.The venue of World Economic Forum 2014-
Davos (Switzerland)

505.Who was chief guest of 2014 Republic Day Parade?
 Shinzo Abe (Japan)

506.The Keralite who became the Chief Justice of Uttarakhand-
KM Joseph

507.The leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha-
 Ghulam Nabi Azad

508.From which country Crimea declared independence?

509.The light revolver launched in India for the safety of women-

510.The venue of 2016 Olympics- 
Rio de Janeiro

511. In which country is Rio de Janeiro-

512. Which Uniformed Force deployed two woman squads to curb the Maoists in Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand?

513.The controversial spiritual leader in Haryana arrested by police in 2014 November –
Ram Pal

514.The Commission that submitted its report on Gujarat riots in November 2014 after enquiry for 12 years-
 Nanavati Commission

515.How many times the tenure of Nanavati Commission was extended?

516.In which year Nanavati Commission was appointed?

517.The Miss Honduras who was seen murdered in November 2014 along with his sister-
Maria Jose Alvarado

518. As per the report of UNO, which country leads in murder rate?

519. Who shared the National Award for best actor with Suraj Venjaramoodu for his performance in the film Shaheed?
Rajkumar Rao

520. Who directed the film ‘’Ship of Theseus’ which is selected in 61st  National Award for best film?
Anand Gandhi

521.Who got 61st national award for best film director?
Hansal Mehta (Film: Shaheed)

 522.Which movie got the 61st  National Award for best popular film?
Bhag Milkha Bhag (Hindi)

523.Who directed the film ‘’Crime Number 89’’ which got state award for best feature film?

524.For the performance in which movie Ann Augustine was selected for the state award for best actress?

525.Who got 2013 Mathrubhumi Sahitya Puraskaram?
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