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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 2015 (Chapter-1)

Current Affairs - 2015 (Chapter-01)

1. Who is the creator of the cartoon character “The Common Man”?
 Answer: R K Laxman

2. Whose biography is “Smart Trekk”?
 Answer: Magnus Carlsen

3. Name the woman who found her way into history by giving the Guard of Honor to the chief guest BarackObama on 26th January 2015 Republic day celebrations.
 Answer: Puja Thakur

4. The first Indian who won the Fields Medal, which is considered as the Noble Prize in Mathematics.
 Answer: Manjul Bhargava

5. What is the full form of NITI AAYOG, which came into effect replacing The Planning Commission?
 Answer: National Institute for Transforming India

6. Name the first ever person who became the governor of a state after being discharged as the Supreme Court Chief Justice.
 Answer: Justice P Sathasivam

7. “Wandering in Many Worlds” is the autobiography of Justice-
  Answer: V R Krishna Iyer

8. “Hind Swaraj Or Hindutva?” is the work of which Jnanapith Award winning writer?
 Answer: U.R Ananathmurthy

9. The first malayali who played the world cup cricket is S. Sreesanth. Who is the second?
 Answer: Krishnachandran (represented UAE in 2015 World Cup)

10. The person who got the highest majority in Lok Sabha Elections?
 Answer: Pritam Munde (in the 2014 bye-election in Beed, Maharashtra with a margin of 6.96 lakh votes)

11. Who was elected as the new president in Sri Lanka?
 Answer: Maithripala Sirisena

12. Which film won the best picture in the 2014 Academy
 Answer: Birdman

13. The Champions in 2015 Hero Hockey League are:
 Answer: Ranchi Rays

14. Who is appointed the Chairman of The National Academy for Music, Dance and Drama?
 Answer: Shekhar Sen

15. The person who created cartoon characters such as “Common Leader”and “Boloji” passed away recentlyName this person who was also a prominent political analyzer.
Rajinder Puri

16. Which malayali girl is short-listed for the one-way trip to Mars?
 Answer: Shraddha Prasad

17. This man known as the Indian Legend in film making has the credit of producing the most films by an individual in the world. Name this personality who died recently.
 Answer: D Ramanaidu

18. Name the British filmmaker who produced the documentary “India’s Daughter” for BBC based on the Nirbhaya Murder case.
 Answer: Leslee Udwin

19. Name the Trophy given to the champions in the National Games.
 Answer: Raja Bhalendra Trophy

20. The airplane that is able to fly day and night entirely on solar power, started its experimental flight around the world recently. Name the airplane.
 Answer: Solar Impulse-2

21. Name the first Indian whose statue was unveiled at the London Parliament Square.
 Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

22. Which malayali cricketer has the record of having the highest individual score in the Ranji Trophy Finals?
 Answer: Karun Nair

23. Which former cabinet minister was awarded this years’Saraswati Samman?
 Answer: M Veerappa Moily

24. Name the initiative launched by the Kerala State Home Ministry as a drive against goons and to tackle crime in the state.
 Answer: Operation Suraksha

25. Name the former Madhya Pradesh Governor who was asked to resign following the examination and recruitment scam.
 Answer: Ram Naresh Yadav
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